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November 2017
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Eight things to learn from the movie Midnight in Paris


Midnight in Paris is an absolute delight to watch.. The Movie is about a Guy who is too nostalgic about the Paris in 1920’s and wants to travel back in time.. He is a Movie script writer in Hollywood but tries to give that up and flies to Paris with his fiance to get some inspiration+creativity going for his book and also his career as a book writer.  His stay in Paris and subsequent events shape his life. Here are few takeaways from the Movie. Hope you like it 🙂

Eight things to learn from the movie Midnight in Paris

1. Walking is healthy and smart:

It’s Healthy to take a walk when you want to muse over something, gather your thoughts.  Solo walking reduces anxiety, is good for health, sometimes in good environments it provides loads of fresh air and when in thought slows things down and helps put things in perspective.

And when in Paris and next to The River Seine, Still have two thoughts about walking solo for a bit?


2.  It’s OK to be a normal guy

Some of us are perfectionists and try too hard to match the levels of the masters in the trade or make everything perfect. While It’s good to be making efforts to get better at what you are doing but give yourself a fair chance and love yourself. It’s OK to be the normal guy and be striving for excellence but have it easy on you. 🙂  Relax and grow better with time..


3. Avoid Judgmental people with Fake smiles

Oh when was the Last time, Someone sat in front of you at a dinner or lunch or whatever and judged you by the way you dressed, spoke, ate etc. etc.. and made you all the more uncomfortable and left you miserable.

Solution: Totally avoid such Douches..  One simply does not gets judged by others.  Yes, your well wishers can guide you and point out your mistakes, fallacies etc. and they have all the rights to do that and it’s also appreciated but random beings passing judgements on you is outright unacceptable and such people should be avoided at all costs.

More practical Solution: 99% of the times avoidance is not possible. In that case just sit back and enjoy the process. Be carefree about it 😀


4. Avoid The Company of Pseudo Intellectuals, also avoid being one.

People who are knowledgeable understand that as knowledge comes, ego is washed away. They are approachable and are willing to learn, share and help.  Pseudo Intellectuals are there to gain brownie points and attract attention. Stop being fake, start being real.


5.  Find people who appreciate your interests

It’s not so much important to find people with similar interests than it is to find people who appreciate your interests. That ways sharing is joy and I guess it does trigger some sort of happy hormones in your head to get better, more skillful or knowledgeable at your interest.


6.  It’s OK to be Nostalgic!
While Nostalgia may be seen as not living in the present and yearning for the good things, people in the past to return.. We do have to accept that we humans like good things to stay forever. This is normal.  Therefore, To channelize these feelings positively, when brooding about good things of the past let go of any negativity which may have crept in the present .. This will make the present as beautiful as the past 🙂  While the situations may not be favorable always but If we keep our chin up and stay positive I guess that is all we can do to turn things around for us.


7.  “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut.”

Because Ernest Hemingway Says So and importantly because it makes sense 🙂


8. “Walk in the Rain sometime”,  with someone you like 🙂

Because life is too short to stay tucked inside your safe haven when it’s lovely to just step outside and experience Life


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