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November 2017
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Sudarshan Kriya Benefits


Sudarshan Kriya is a rhythmic breathing technique that works on mental,physical and Spiritual levels. Every emotion has breathing patterns; for example, if one gets angry, then one’s breath is short and fast. Similarly, breathing has an impact on the mind (for example, a deep,long breath relaxes the mind.) Through breathing in different patterns, one can influence emotions and gain control over one’s mind. Sudarshan Kriya is different from Kriya Yoga. This breathing technique (Sudarshan Kriya) is founded in 1982 by H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Research suggested that it helps in improving well being (improving immunity and detoxification),and peace of mind (reduce stress, enhance brain function). Sudarshan Kriya is taught in various Art of Living courses.

 Sudar­shan (less fre­quently spelt sud­har­shan) is San­skrit. Su stands for “proper” and dar­shan means “vision” and Kriya is a purifying practice, whereby one receives a proper vision of one’s true self. This unique breathing practice is a potent energizer.

Kriya enables every cell in the body to become fully oxygenated and embodied with new life, bringing a sense of joy in the moment. And when we feel good about ourselves, love flows naturally in all our relationships.

The rhythmic breathing pattern of Sudarshan Kriya helps in harmonizing the rhythms of the body and emotions and tune them with the rhythms of nature. The breath connects the body and mind. Just as emotions affect our patterns of breathing, we can bring about changes in our mental and behavioral patterns by altering the rhythms of our breath. It weeds out our anger, anxiety and worry; leaving the mind completely relaxed and energized.

Here is a brief Overview of the positive benefits of Sudarshan Kriya

 Art Of Living foundation generally classifies Sudarshan Kriya into Long and Short Kriyas. The long kriya is usually carried out once or twice in a week at the nearest Art of living center and should be done under the guidance of a teacher. Short Kriya is a shorter form of the same thing which can be done everyday once or twice in a day and one session usually lasts only about 20 minutes.

Kriya process usually starts with three rounds of Pranayaam, followed by three rounds of Bhastrika in vajrasana position, followed by chanting of OM thrice and finally culminating in Sudarshan Kriya.  In long Kriya, the rhythmic pattern is generally driven by a tape played by the teacher (recorded by H.H Sri Sri Ravishankar) where he guides the practitioner to breathe rhythmically following the pattern of Soham.. So(breathe-in) and hum (breathe-out)

The kriya Process ends with the practitioner lying down in Shavasana position fully aware of his being and feeling pleasant and Light. The Sudarshan Kriya benefits include spiritual enrichment and has positive effects on mind and body. It alleviates anxiety, improves blood circulation, creates a positive and joyous mood and helps you look forward to a positive day. It is advisable to carry out Kriya early morning or before 12 pm. Though there is no hard and fast rule. The practitioner should also avoid having any heavy food 2 hours prior to the activity.

Sudarshan Kriya benefits are manifold and ART of Living provides a basic Happiness course where they teach the various techniques to carry out Sudarshan Kriya.  Most cities have Art of Living centers and I would personally recommend everyone to go try out the art of Living Happiness program. It is a 5 day program (2 hours a day) and once you complete the session, you get a life time membership and will be able to attend any Long Kriya weekend follow-up at any of the AOL centres across the world.  

A brief Overview of the 3-stage Pranayaam can be seen here:

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  • astawakrakar
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    astawakrakar astawakrakar

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    Sudarshan kriya is nothing but hyper ventilating of the body. There is neither divine nor spiritual benefits to it. It is simply hyped by AOL. If you concentrate on adventure it is good.

    • Neeraj Mishra
      Posted on

      Neeraj Mishra Neeraj Mishra

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      Thanks Karani for the insights, I agree to Point:1, although not sure how we would define spirituality.. spiritual benefits are attained when mind and body are relaxed and in sync.. that is what sudarshan Kriya helps in attaining.. To have healthy body and mind is a step towards a blissful life isn’t it? 🙂 Do let me know your views

  • Shankar
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    Shankar Shankar

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    Dear Niraj, Yoga is ancient and definitely it has benifits but why anybody needs AOL or something else.Does spirituality really exists? or is it another system of thoughts.The moment one seeks more than what he has, it creates a market for AOL like orgs.Look into the spiritual market, is there anything which they say not available. Its a business where customers r not sure of results but they have to pay.

  • Sudashan kriya
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    Sudashan kriya Sudashan kriya

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    Very useful article. have heard lot about Sudashan kriya .. awaiting to experience it.